Who we are:


  • We are a confidential ear and voice to those in crisis
  •  We are a conduit to professional resources 
  • Actions conducted via social media and one on one encounters 
  • We participate in, and host events intended to raise awareness of the behavioral health challenges, and offer an outlet to those who choose to open up for help 
  • Many of us have been in that dark place and found a means to turn away from it 
  • We have ALL been impacted by the tragic reality of suicide
  •  We feel compelled to act 
  • Our most important message is that it takes more courage to seek help than to continually internalize and suppress those feelings of depression, guilt, and self loathing 
  • You never walk alone 
  • We provide a confidential outlet for those who do not trust the system 
  • We recognize the desire to maintain confidentiality 
  • We empower others to seek assistance and/or take action